R9 – Leongatha v Drouin

Drouin Dragons played their first away game for over a month in Leongatha which gave the new DDSC pitches a welcome break. After constant rain the day before the Round, the weather held off for most of Sunday to see Drouin win the U12’s, U14’s, U16’s, Reserves and Senior’s games over a spirited Leongatha.

drouin dragons

Under 7’s
The Under 7’s again were split in to two games, due to the amount of players on both sides.
It is such a joy to watch these young boys go from strength to strength each week, and they never get disheartened when playing a more experienced side.
In game 1, the boys tried hard, with a number of goals scored on both sides.
James, Remy and Max are all very quick players and their speed is a real asset to the team.
Game 2 saw the defence again outstanding.
Cal, Will, Harlan and Logan each played a vital role in the game with all of them getting in good kicks when it counted.
Best on Ground:
Game 1: James, for both his excellent defence and attacking skills.
Game 2: Logan, for excellent attacking skills and never giving up.

Under 9’s
Two games for the under 9s at Leongatha as both teams had plenty of players
Game 1 – Leongatha dominated throughout despite determined play from Drouin.
Best on Ground: Josh Coaches Award: Stella
Game 2 – A closer game featuring a long range goal from Harvey
Best on Ground: Harvey Coaches Award: Henry

Under 11’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 1 – Leongatha 1
A hard fought game today with both teams unwilling to give an inch. From a slow start, where we conceded an early goal, we started to fight back strongly and make some good attacking runs in the midfield which was eventually rewarded with a goal from Fletcher. Defence stood up well to the attacks from Leongatha with Freya, Holly and Rinnan supporting Harry in goals. The second half was tough going, as we had to play with tired legs against a fresh second U11 Team from Leongatha. Some neat touches from Hunter and Harry in defence, coupled with the ever hardworking Charlie, and energetic Daniel, served up some great goal scoring opportunities which we were unfortunately unable to convert into points. At the other end, Mordy in goals, pulled off some miracle saves to ensure Drouin shared the spoils at the end of the game. A great team effort by all.
Best on Ground
Coaches Award
Goal Scorers: Fletcher 1

drouin dragons

Under 12’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 2 – Leongatha 1
Summary: A god test of the fitness today playing on the largest pitch for the year thus far. The wide spaces allowed the team to switch the ball and some good passing through midfield as the games progressed. Tyan, Jordan and Cain showed good ball control when switching. Ali was on fire today with two exceptional goals one in each half as a result of some very good ball control and was a good reward for effort. It was good to have Thomas back in control in defence today. Along with Jack, Jackson, Ella and Kiaran the second half they repelled many attacks with improved pressure on the opposition advances. Mordecai once again filled in and experienced a spell at both ends of the field which he lapped up with his usual enthusiasm. Samuel ran himself ragged and eventually had to be taken off or I was worried he would collapse from exhaustion. Good effort Samuel unlucky not to score on some of your huge runs forward. Linkin’s best game to date with good defensive efforts in the midfield. Another solid game from Ace with just the one goal conceded when defence was caught out in the first half. Ethan once again great run down the entire length of the pitch and Jordan was stiff not to have assisted a goal in the first half from his well taken corner. Overall a very pleasing result which could easily have had a bigger margin with a little bit of luck. Coaches Award Ali Rahmani Goal Scorers: Ali Rahmani 2

Under 14’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 4 – Leongatha 2
Like last week there was more improvement in Drouin’s play this week. Overall it was a good team effort today with every single player contributing a lot to the final outcome. If Drouin can get rid of the flat and listless stretches of play and string together more of the attacking confident play they will be a force to be reckoned with. Lachlan Beer had a good day out scoring all the goals for the team. Flynn Cordell and Lachlan Brown shared the keeping duties and are to be commended on a great job in an unfamiliar roll. Leongatha have improved a lot over the last year and can hold their heads high with a couple of nice goals and some strong defence.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Lachlan Beer
Coaches Award: Tom Planck
Most Disciplined Player: Dale Caldwell
Goal Scorers: Lachlan Beer 4

Under 16’s
Full-time Score: Drouin Dragons 8 – Leongatha Knights 1
The game kicked off in inclement conditions after the Drouin Captain won the toss. Drouin took a while to build the momentum up but worked well together to assert their domination over the half. The first goal came after 12 minutes of play with three more goals ending up in the back of the net after just 26 minutes. Leongatha toiled away at the other end making flurries up the middle of the pitch to end up with a hard earned goal after 30 minutes. The half ended 4:1 in Drouin’s favour.
The second half started at a much faster pace with the opening goal being scored after just 1.5 minutes of play. Drouin tirelessly kept up the pressure scoring a further 3 unanswered goals to end the match 8:1 to Drouin. Leongatha fought hard throughout the match and the score line did not reflect just how competitive both teams were throughout the game.
Player Awards:
Jakks Pizza Shack Best on Ground: Zac Laughlin
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Paratene (Paz) Cooper
Goal Scorers:
Steve Bearchell 1, Gustavo Galdamez 2, Jessica Nalty 1, Zac Laughlin 2, d’Artagnan Belcher 1, Daniel Patchett 1

drouin dragons

Full-time Score: Drouin Dragons 4 – Leongatha Knights 2
The match was played in mild overcast conditions on a pitch that had seen a lot of action in the preceding two games. It was a torrid affair with both sides spoiling the other’s flow of the game at every opportunity. Leongatha opened the scoring after 4 minutes of play with a quick attacking burst through the centre of the field leaving the Drouin defence bemused. As has been demonstrated in previous games, the resilience of the Drouin Reserves shone through with counter attack after counter attack eventually paying off with a penalty being awarded for contact in the goal box. This was executed proficiently by the Captain Arjay Trillanes to level the score at 1:1. With a minute remaining in the first half, Drouin pressed home an exciting move through to the forwards that was finished off in fine style by the striker Tim Laidlaw.
The second half again saw Leongatha open the scoring after just 2 minutes of play giving Drouin some cause for concern. However, the team dug deep and slowly brought the match around to their style of play settling themselves into some good passing combinations and solid defensive plays, and by the close of the half were ahead 4:2 which is how the game finished.
Player Awards:
Hotondo Homes Best on Ground: Riley Kittelty
Coaches Award: Tim Laidlaw
Goal Scorers: Arjay Trillanes 2, Tim Laidlaw 1, Riley Kittelty 1

Drouin started out strong against Leongatha, in what was the rematch of last year’s grand final. The ball was kept in their attacking half for majority of the first half. Strong defence from Bec Finger, Bec Bickerdike, Kerry Brown and Caera Drury who played hard all half, put the pressure on the Leongatha attack and keep their shots at goal to a minimum. The girls tired though, and Leongatha capitalised to score late in the half.
The girls were tired at half time, with 11 straight playing, the bench was empty. Jess Nalty had the legs to keep running all day and continued to feed the ball to the forwards. Tyanna Burns-Um played a steller game on the wing and had several shots at goal, unfortunately none were converted into goals.
A corner from Jess Nalty put the dragons on the board, with a Leongatha player pressured into sending it to the back of the net for an own goal.
Jenni Quaife had cool hands in goals, making a spectacular save in the final minutes of the game to keep the Knights to two goals for the day.
Final Score: 2-1
A great team effort!
Awards: Coaches award: Tyanna Burns-Um, Warragul Country Club best on: Jess Nalty

Full-time Score: Drouin Dragons 9 – Leongatha Knights 0
The DDSC Senior’s match of the day kicked off with rain threatening proceedings. Immediately the pace was frenetic with both sides prepared to take on the opposition in an attempt to assert their domination. After the fourth minute of play, Drouin capitalised on their possession by working a fast passing combination up the left flank only to be finished off in style by the striker Chris Davies.
The flood gates then opened and Drouin slotted three more goals to finish off an exciting first half.
The second half saw play commence on an adjacent field because of the wear and tear that had resulted due to the wet conditions of the day. This was a slightly bigger pitch and suited the Drouin side well. The scoring opened after six minutes of play by Drouin’s Caleb Hotchkin finishing off on a rebounded shot at goal.
Leongatha fought hard throughout the match but were unable to compete with a committed and determined Drouin team who by this time were being creative in their play utilising the midfield nicely to feed the ball through to the attacking players who peppered the goalkeeper with some well-timed shots.
The defence were resolute in their protection of Drouin’s goal and quickly shut down any advances made by Leongatha into the Drouin half.
The match closed with the score at 9:0 to Drouin with hat-tricks being scored by Mark Rossi and Caleb Hotchkin.
Player Awards:
Country Club Voucher Award – Best on Gound: Steve Smythe
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Andy Bowmar
Dinner Voucher – Mark Rossi and Caleb Hotchkin
Goal Scorers: Mark Rossi 3, Caleb Hotchkin 3, Chris Davies 1, Tyler Ryan 1, Trey Dekker 1