R8 – Drouin v Korumburra

Another cold but sunny day at home greeted the DDSC players on Sunday after a few days of rain that made the pitch pretty slippery under foot. Korumburra put up a pretty good fight across all games considering they were short on numbers with quite a few of the same players playing across age groups.
Under 7’s
The under 7’s showed excellent promise during their early Sunday morning game. The boys are discovering what their individual strengths are, continuing to work on what they need to improve on whilst still learning to play as a team.
Best on Ground: James for his excellent pressure on his opponents and quick pace

Under 9’s
Another Sunday, another sunny day at Bellbird Park as Drouin hosted Korumburra.
Thanks to Tom, Oliver, Hugo and Josh for volunteering to play for Korumburra for a half each – this shows great sportsmanship and it’s good to see these young players putting the enjoyment of the game first.
Drouin started strongly, but the attackers Lucia and Jordan could not take advantage of excellent midfield service from Harvey.
The second half saw strong attacking by Korumburra, and good defence by Stella, Darcy and Oliver couldn’t keep the attackers out. Strong attacking by Zane, Will, Harvey and Rowan could not penetrate the Korumburra goal, mainly due to the impressive defending of Hugo.
Although the balance of play was evenly shared, superior finishing by Korumburra meant they were more successful in the end.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Tom, for keeping going as goalkeeper, never giving up and making some good saves as your confidence grew. Definitely NOT for your excellent defensive play whilst playing for Korumburra
Coaches Award: Will, for some excellent play in goal and in attack.

Under 12’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 3 – Korumburra City 1
A very good battle in todays game. Despite Drouin dominating posession in our forward half the score was nil all at the break. Some fantastic goalkeeping from the Korumburra keeper managed to frustrate some very promising attacks although we did not help ourselves with a couple of chances that should have been converted.
The second half we suddenly found ourselves down 1 to nil and things were looking tough. The team fought back very well with some really good running and pressure. Cain, Tyan and Ethan in particular ran themselves into the ground. Ali having sorted out his radar, despite being offside, scored our first goal. Soon after Ethan did a great job of converting a penalty for a handball in the penalty area. Cain having earlier had a goal disallowed, for kicking the ball out of the goalies hands, then scored our final goal. A good result against a very valiant opposition many of whom were playing their second game having earlier played in the under 11’s. Still plenty to work on in transitions but some good overall development. Thanks to Gordon for refereeing the game and Freya again for being linesperson. If anyone is available to be linesperson next week the help would be greatly appreciated.
Player Awards:Coaches Award Ethan Bongiorno
Goal Scorers: Ali Rahmani, Ethan Bongiorno (pen), Cain Layland


Under 14’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 7 – Korumburra 1
There was a definite improvement again in Drouin’s play this week. There was more talking and all the key players ran hard and played hard. There is still a fair amount of flat and listless stretches of play so this need to be worked on. Our goals are still being scored by a wide range of people which is great to see. Korumburra were strong defensively and while they had the ball in the forward line a reasonable amount they were only able to convert once.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Tom Planck
Coaches Award: Flynn Cordell
Most Disciplined Player: Kieran Hawkins
Goal Scorers: Chevy Isles 1, Tom Planck 3, Lachlan Beer 1, Flynn Cordell 1 and one home goal by Korumburra.

Under 15 girl’s
Fulltime Score: 6-2
The young Dragon women played extremely well today. Korumburra only had 9 players, so the girls also played with 9 on the pitch. Whilst it took some getting used to, especially when running the ball through the middle, the goals were still quick to come. Sasha Geerlings netted the first for the game and was quick to support team mate Lilly Carisson to do the same.
Erin, Thalia and Hayley worked hard in defence to keep the ball away from first time keeper Tyanna.
The second half was Dragons all the way, with another 4 goals scored. Hayley Berry made her first appearance in the forward line and scored herself a goal. Sylvia Cooper also made the most of her time up forward, scoring a superb goal after a few attempts.
Goals: Sasha Geerlings 2, Lilly Carisson 2, Hayley Berry 1, Sylvia Cooper 1
Awards: Best on, Hayley Berry, Coaches award: Lilly Carisson


Full-time Score: Drouin 5 – Korumburra 0
The Drouin U16s started their against Korumburra well by putting the first goal into the back of the net after only 1 1/2 minutes of play but then struggled to settle into any sort of a rhythm. Korumburra did not help by playing a spoiling game that disrupted Drouin’s style of play. The half finished 2-0 in Drouin’s favour.
After a pep talk at half time, the Drouin players came out more determined to take back control of the game, and to apply their attacking style of play. Three more goals were scored by Drouin throughout the half with Korumburra providing some stiff opposition.
Player Awards:
Country Club Best on Ground: d’Artagnan Belcher
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Steve Bearchell
Goal Scorers: Steve Bearchell = 3, Gustavo Galdamez = 1, Jessica Nalty = 1


Senior Reserves
Full-time Score: Drouin 9 – Korumburra 0
The Drouin Senior Reserves were kept waiting at the start of the match while a Korumburra team struggled to make the numbers to field a side. However, they fielded a team and play commenced some time after the scheduled kick-off.
This did not dampen the Drouin team’s enthusiasm to get involved in a rugged encounter and they started with some zeal taking the play straight to the Korumburra defense. The scoring was opened after the 11th minute and then averaged a goal every seven minutes until the half closed out 4-0 in Drouin’s favour.
The second half started with the same enthusiasm and the first goal for the half was in the back of the net after only three minutes of play. Drouin’s attack was relentless with Korumburra being tied down in their own half without any significant opportunities being given for them to construct a counter attacking move.
The second half finished with the score of 9-0 to Drouin.
Player Awards:
Country Club Best on Ground: Aaron Patchett
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Aaron Kittelty
Goal Scorers: Aaron Kittelty = 2, Riley Kittelty = 2, Arjay Trillanes = 2 , Vanya Geerlings = 1, Aaron Patchett = 1, Own Goal = 1

Full-time Score: 0-2
Another hard fought game by the dragons, all players gave it their all, sadly though, Korumburra were able to put the ball in the back of the net twice, with Drouin failing to score.
The first half was led by the dragons, the ball was kept in their attacking half for most of the time, with plenty of shots made.
However, in the second half Korumburra were running the ball faster down the line and crossing in past the Dragon defence. They scored two quick goals, but were unable to add to their tally as the defence tightened.
Awards: Warragul Country Club Best on, Kerry Brown – played a stella game in the backline, jockeyed well and took the ball off the strikers multiple times.
Coaches award, Nicole Lewis – found her feet today playing on the wing. Nicole ran hard all day, fought for the ball and put forward multiple shots on goal.

Full-time Score: Drouin 5 – Korumburra 0
The Drouin Seniors welcomed the Korumburra team on a mild autumn day on a ground that has seen a great deal of play over the last five weeks.

The lads started strongly maintaining possession well by playing the short passing game moving the ball nicely from the defense through to the attacking players. Korumburra defended well but eventually folded to the barrage of strong pressing attacks which culminated in three unanswered goals being scored to close out the half.
The second half started as strongly as the first with the Drouin players continuing to explore ways of moving the ball quickly from the back and mid-field to the ever hungry attacking players. Once again, the relentless pressure brought to bare two further unanswered goals to see Drouin take out the match 5-0. This was a well deserved score that did not reflect how well the Korumburra goalkeeper kept for the game.
Player Awards:
Country Club Best on Ground: Frankie Pitisano
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Simon Henry
Most Disciplined Player: Tyler Ryan & Caleb Hotchkin
Goal Scorers: Chris Davies = 1, Trey Dekker = 2, Andy Bowmar = 1, Mark Rossi = 1