R7 – Drouin v Inverloch

Another tough Round of Soccer was played at our home ground in beautiful autumn weather. For the 2nd week in a row, Drouin played against another top of the ladder side. This time it was against Inverloch with mixed results across all games.

Under 7’s
Due to having too many players, we held two under 7 games and split the teams up.
Both Drouin teams played exceptionally well.
They all continue to grow week by week and enjoy putting what they learn at training in to practice on game day.
It’s exciting to see how far they have come in their first year of playing the game.
Best on ground: Game 1: Will – For not giving up and giving his best.
Game 2: Harlan for excellent defence and kicking a fantastic goal.

Under 9’s
Dan Brown had yet again arranged a gloriously sunny Sunday morning for the U9s to do their thing.
As both Inverloch and Drouin had the numbers we played two games, so all 30 players enjoyed a full match and the coaches didn’t have to worry about substitutions.
Game A
The boys got off to a good start with Harvey and Zane combining well up forward. Inverloch soon got going and showed some great passing moves to score. Our boys kept trying hard all game, new signing Josh did well in midfield, Mitch got better as the game went on and Jordan defended really well. Zane made a few runs forward and scored a great goal. Will made some good passing moves and just shot wide, Stella did well in goal and Henry and Tommy defended well.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Zane, for his striking
Coaches Award: Josh, for a good start at Drouin.
Game B
Drouin lent Inverloch two players to even the sides out, so special thanks to Hugo (first half), Erica (second half) and Oliver (both halves) for volunteering.
Despite great tackling from Darcy, Hugo, Erica and Emma, Inverloch gained the upper hand and James, Aiden, Lucia and Mia just could not finish up front, coming close to scoring on so many occasions. The team showed great spirit in the way they played and the way they
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Hugo, for a great defensive effort – even if he was playing for Inverloch for the first half
Coaches Award: Aiden, for good attacking and good defending and not giving up.


Under 11’s
Full time Score: Drouin 3 – Inverloch 5
Got off to a very slow start and Inverloch were 3 goals up after 10 or so minutes. Drouin came back well and nearing the end of the first half were really dominating.
Ethan switched to defence and played an excellent game alongside Rinnan .Hunter had a few good passes and Kieren also had a fair bit of the ball up forward. Harry in goals tried hard and made a few nice saves.
During the second half we were right on top but the forward line became very congested making it hard to score. Fletcher was involved in a few good pieces of play along with Mordi
and Charlie resulting in a goal. Angel kicked two nice goals who is a very dangerous forward when she involves herself more in the game. Holly filled in for Inverloch and kicked two goals for them , happy for her need I say more on the effect on the end result. The game that got away which was very a winnable or at least possibly, a drawn game.
Never the less very happy with the team’s efforts and a fantastic comeback for Drouin to take control of the game
I think we can beat Inverloch later in the season but a fantastic effort Drouin.
Player Awards:
Best on Ground: Rinnan Trenton
Coaches Award: Holly Martin


Under 12’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 1 – Inverloch 7
Another tough game for the team. Inverloch smashed us early and leapt to a 5-0 lead within 25 minutes. Late in the first half we started to get more possession and were rewarded with a goal to Cain just before the break after he was fouled in the penalty box. Despite a good shot on goal the keeper blocked it but Cain was aware and followed up to put the rebound into the net.
With Ethan and Thomas not able to play today we were really challenged but fought out the last 35 minutes well restricting Inverloch to 2 goals.
First time the team had played under a senior official which was a valuable experience of how switched on you need to be.
Second half was a vast improvement with Cain who was acting Captain really doing a good job of leading and directing which was great to see that he took on some feedback from previous week of needing to be more vocal. Jack showed great persistence and pressured the oppositon all day. Samuel again had some great runs forward and Jordan supported him well in the second half. Mordecai filling in from under 11’s once again showed some real postive signs. Good improvement from the team but still a lot of work to do on defence and transitions to defence and offence and controlling possession. If we can start next week the way we played in the last 35 minutes better results will come. Thanks to Paul and Freya for stepping in as marshall and linesperson at the last minute.
Player Awards:Coaches Award Cain Layland Goal Scorers: Cain Layland 1
Under 14’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 1 – Inverloch 3
While Drouin’s game has improved a lot from last week with a lot of great talking and some patches of attacking play there was still a lot of flat and listless stretches of play. Inverloch played a 4 man defence and were able to shut down our attackers as they were not supported as we drove forward. There was a lot of great contributions today but with some key players very flat it put a lot of pressure on the rest of the team. Inverloch played some good football and were deserved winners.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Lachlan Brown
Coaches Award: Lassaro Tuimateo
Most Disciplined Player: Chevy Isles
Goal Scorers: Chevy Isles 1

Under 15 Girls
Inverloch presented with an undermanned side, with only 9 players turning up to play. Drouin in turn played with 9 to ensure a fair game was played.
The Dragon girls were aware of letting early goals through, so the defence were on their toes throughout the first half. They needn’t had been too worried, they performed well all game and held Inverloch to just one goal.
Sascha Geerlings was a superstar in the centre and up forward, scoring the first goal of the game. She later added two more goals to walk away with a hat trick.
Erin Park was strong in defence and was quick to attack the ball and move it forward out of defence. She was assisted by Tyanna, Sophie and Zali who were all commended for their strong play.
Raine McAlister played a superb game on the wing, moving the ball from defence into attack and tackling with ease.
All the girls played a superb game, Lilly up front chasing down the ball, Thalia and Zoe working the ball through the centre. Hayley put under the pump by playing in the back line and on the wing.
Final Score: 4: 1
Awards: Best On: Sascha Geerlings for her hat trick, Coaches Award: Erin Park for the strong defence
Goals: Sascha Geerlings 3, Thalia Mitchell 1

Drouin welcomed a new player this week – Caera Drury and also welcomed back Becky Bickerdike who has been out with an injury.
They were quick to get started and kept Inverloch under the pump for the first 20 minutes. The ball barely left the Dragons attacking half, with all players passing, talking and chasing the ball well.
Jess “Browns Excavations and Earthworks” Brown put the girls on the board with a neat free kick from outside the 18 yard box.
Inverloch however, were quick to come back. They scored two quick goals after some Dragon fumbling. The final goal for Inverloch for the half came after a throw in and couldn’t have been stopped by anyone.
At half time, the girls reformed. They were determined to get the scores back to even, however, Inverloch were the stronger side on the day. Mentions go to Kayla, Nicole and Steph who run hard all day and Jess Brown for her strong presence on the pitch.
Awards: Warragul Country Club Best on: Caera Drury, Coaches Award: Bec Finger