R3 – Drouin v Mirboo North

Drouin Dragon’s Soccer Club played their first home game on the redeveloped grounds on Sunday against Mirboo North. The games were played in beautiful autumn sunshine with a good crowd turning up to watch the teams play.
After months of hard work over summer to prepare the pitches with irrigation and drainage, the pitches were commented on how good they were by both the players and spectators. A special mention goes to the Baw Baw Shire, David McMahan, David Dunsten and all their Ground Staff who worked hard over summer to get the grounds ready for the 2016 DDSC Season.

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Under 7s
Well done to our team of Under 7’s who played in sunny weather Sunday morning. Max, James, Logan, and debutantes, Harlan and Will played well.
Despite playing a team who have been together for a year, the Under 7’s never gave up in their second game for 2016. They got in there and made a good effort, especially their defending, which was impressive and showed promise.
A great team effort from all the team!
Best on ground: Max – For his tackles and his enthusiasm

Under 9s
Drouin put on a strong performance in their first home game, with a good attacking performance from Jordan, nicely supported by Zane, Harvey and the rest of the team.
The midfield worked hard, helping out at the back and supplying good ball movement to the forwards with plenty of opportunity. Good goalkeeping, and a strong defence kept the visiting team’s score down.
Player Awards:
Best on Ground: Jordan, for his attacking
Coaches Award: Zane, for his tackling and support play

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Under 11’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 4 – Mirboo North 3
The Under 11’s team played pretty good on Sunday, however the game was too condensed which hampered ball movement but was good when space was created. We still have plenty to work on in defence & clearances but the team is starting to work well together.
Player Awards:
Best on Ground: Charlie Blackburn
Coaches Award: Daniel Agudos
Goal Scorers: Charlie 3, Angel 1

Under 14’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 9 – Mirboo North 0
Drouin played a very disciplined game from the start today. Passing was vastly improved as was the talking and defensive structure. Mirboo North to their credit were very strong in defence but could not convert down the other end. A lovely fine day and a great result for Drouin Under 14s which takes them to the top of the ladder.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Lachlan Brown
Coaches Award: Lachlan Beer
Most Disciplined Player: Chevy Isles
Goal Scorers: Lachlan Beer 4, Henry Grant 2, Flynn Cordell 1, Chevy Isles 1, Rico Ercoles 1.

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Under 15’s Girls
Fulltime Score: Drouin 0 – Mirboo North 1
Mirboo North took off right from the first whistle and scored within a minute. This took the dragon girls by surprise. They fought back during the next 25 minutes putting more than 15 shots towards goals, none of which were successful. Ebony, Sylvia and Lilly all had superb runs down towards goal, but the tight defence from Mirboo saw the score line 1-0 at half time.
It was much the same in the second half. The dragon girls slowed down their play and passed the ball around more often, yet they were still unable to get the ball into the back of the net. The defence worked hard to make sure that Mirboo were kept scoreless in the second half. Overall a great game, with the team really starting to show some excellent skills.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Zali FItzgerald
Coaches Award: Sylvia Cooper

Senior Women
Fulltime Score: Drouin 11 – Mirboo North 0
Drouin started very strongly scoring 4 goals in the first 25 minutes of play. Steph Morling was strong up front, support by Jess Nalty and Kayla Simpson. The back line held strong for the first half, with little changes made.
Drouin came out firing after the half time break, but the goals were slower to come. Steph Morling scored a third, Zali Fitzgerald scored her first senior goal, Bec Finger had a run up forward and finally put the ball in the back of the net.
Chloe Brotherton stayed with the ball all half, moving it well and setting up some crosses that led to even more scoring shots. With 10 minutes to go Kate Boyer was moved to the centre, a neat left kick sent the ball into the back of the net. A great game played by all.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Steph Morling
Coaches Award: Chloe Brotherton
Goal Scorers: Steph Morling 3, Jess Nalty 2, Nicole Lewis 1, Kayla Simpson 1, Chloe Brotherton 1, Zali Fitzgerald 1, Bec Finger 1, Kate Boyer 1.

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Full-time Score: Drouin 11 – Mirboo North 0
The Drouin Reserves started play constructing attacking moves down both flanks and through the middle maintaining control of the play throughout the entire first half. The half ended with 7 goals being scored.
Mirboo North started the second half much more defensively and absorbed a number of pressing attacks by the Drouin mid-field working in combination with the strikers.
Drouin kept up the pressure throughout the half and were rewarded with four more goals to close the match out at 11-0.
Player Awards:
Country Club Best on Ground: Todd McConville
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Mitchell Ryan
Most Disciplined Player: Arjay Trillanes
Goal Scorers: Trey Dekker 4, Tim Laidlaw 2, Riley Kittelty 1, Arjay Trillanes 2, d’Artagnan Belcher 1, Aaron Patchett 1

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Senior Mens
Full-time Score: Drouin 14 – Mirboo North 0
The Drouin Seniors moved the ball around for the whole 90 minutes on Drouin’s newly laid pitch with the game being contested in ideal weather conditions for our first home match.
The defence coordinated themselves extremely well absorbing what little attacking opportunities that came Mirboo North’s way, and then countered with swift passing combinations feeding the ball forward to the Drouin forwards who were able to effectively finish off these movements.
Drouin’s midfield totally controlled the play and provided an excellent conduit for moving the ball seamlessly from the defence through to the strikers who were able to capitalise on this advantage.
The score at half time was 7-0 in Drouin’s favour and then was extended at full time to 14-0 with domination continuing unabated throughout the second half.
Player Awards:
Country Club Best on Ground: Caleb Hotchkin
Hotondo Homes Coaches Award: Andy Bowmar
Most Disciplined Player: Tyler Ryan
Goal Scorers: Caleb Hotchkin 4, Tyler Ryan 4, Trey Dekker 3, Aaron Kittelty 2, Nick Woodson 1

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