GSL Cup – R2 Drouin v Mirboo North

The second round of the GSL mid season Cup saw Drouin Dragons play against Mirboo North at home. Mirboo North played their games with some great intensity and enthusiasm; however it was Drouin who won their home games on the day. The Senior’s and Reserves games were nearly called off due to one section of the Main Pitch suffering from the recent rain in West Gippsland, however some quick action with a few buckets of sand allowed both teams to play.

drouin dragons
Under 7’s
A beautiful sunny winters day saw us compete against Mirboo North at home.
Our boys were split in to two games due to too many players.
Although Mirboo North were a lot more experienced, our boys didn’t give up even though Mirboo North dominated.
We commend our boys for their resilience and great sportsmanship.
Best on Ground:
Game 1: Max
Game 2: Cal
daniel brown
Under 14’s
Fulltime Score: Drouin 14 – Mirboo Nth 0
It was great to see Drouin start strongly today and continue the momentum. With several kids away today and two under 15 girls filling in it was a great result. Mirboo North had a very spirited defence and goals had to be earned. Drouin used the ball very well and were able to maintain possession for a fair amount of the game. Both U15 girls that played did a great job and were vital to the team. It was great to hear the talking and encouragement return this week and I hope this can continue for the rest of the season.
Player Awards
Best on Ground: Rico Ercoles
Coaches Award: Lasaro Tuimateo
Most Disciplined Player: Lilly Carrison
Goal Scorers: Lachlan Beer 5, Flynn Cordell 1, Tom Planck 1, Chevy Isles 1, Henry Grant 1, Rico Ercoles 5.
ddsc v mb 06
Under 15’s
The girls were pressured right from the start, with Mirboo pushing the defence to their limits. It wasn’t all one way though. The wings and mid fielders keep putting the ball up forward, the girls just couldn’t capitalise.
Mirboo were first to score, finally getting past the strong defence of Raine, Zali, Zoe and Talia. This was their fourth attempt at goal, the defence had held well and had the Mirboo forwards off side quite a few times.
Sophie Belcher played well on the wing, running the ball towards goal and putting a few shots forward, but she was unable to convert any to goals. Sacha added another goal to her tally, scoring well into the first half and much movement of the ball in the forward line. The girls went into the half time break 1-1.
A switch at the half break saw Raine move back onto the wing and Sophia back into the back line. Raine ran hard and ensured that Lilly up forward was well supported. Olivia Sheil played a fantastic game on the right wing, taking the ball halfway down the pitch and putting towards goals, she was also in an excellent position for each corner, ready to capture the lose balls.
Zoe, Sacha and Thalia ran hard in the centre all day, providing support to defence and ensuring that through balls continued to flow for Lilly, Olivia and Raine. Sadly the girls couldn’t add another goal to their tally and finished the game 1-1.
Great team effort!
drouin dragons
Women’s report
The Senior Dragons were slow to get started today. They allowed Mirboo to apply some pressure on the defence and took their time to settle in.
The wings however, keep the momentum going, passing some great through balls early on. New player Evelyn showed that she is one to watch, with a very strong start to her first game. She pressured the Mirboo defence, and whilst she didn’t score a goal, ensured that her team mates had plenty of the ball. Jenni Quaife played well up front, chasing down through balls and putting pressure on the Mirboo keeper, however, a calf injury late in the first half had Jenni leave the pitch and not return.
Jess Nalty was the first player to put the Dragons on the board, she scored in the 24th minute and was keen to add another. It was Zali Fitzgerald however who was next to add to the Dragons score. Pressuring the Mirboo defence and tapping in a shot from quite close, Zali is showing herself to be a handy wing player for the womens team.
Half time score 2 – 0
The second half saw little changes for the Senior Dragons, Steph Morling remained in goals, after proving that short girls can jump and dive and block exceptionally well! Kayla Simpson was up front and in the centre and in the back line, moving to where she was needed – was great to have her back as she has a commanding presence wherever she plays on the pitch.
Bec Brown moved from the centre up forward, not her usual place, after some quick tips from her sister Jess, she was off and at the ball, scoring a goal within minutes.
Bec scored her second not long after and had the coaches questioning her position in defence.
Becky Bickerdike and Caera Drury, after playing stella games in defence, moved up forward to keep the pressure on the Mirboo defence and assisted Jess Nalty to score her second and Jess Brown to score her first. The game was clinched with Bec Brown scoring her third for the game. Nicole ran hard all day on the right wing, backing up the defence and providing through balls for the forwards, she was unable to convert her own goal, but not from lack of effort. She should be commended for the effort she put into todays match.
Kerry Brown was another strong player today, she played hard in defence all day, chasing down the balls and cutting of the quick sprint from the Mirboo attackers, she then moved up forward, but was unable to score her own goal before the final whistle .
Final score: 7-0
Whole team effort recognised!!